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TV Installation Instructions

So you are looking to mount a TV on your wall? You may think it can't be that hard, but that's where most people make the mistake and try doing it themselves. There are many things to take into consideration such as your options, choices and  issues and most likely it is best to let the professionals handle the job. When you give us a call, we will ask you a few simple but important questions and this will determine 1) the type of mount you will need. 2) Is the location possible to mount it in that area and if so, are there going to be any potential issues. We will also determine what type of wires we would need to run from your TV to your various equipment.


Do you have the knowledge and expertise. Do you have the proper tools? If you don't you need to purchase them and it can become pricey. If you want the wires hidden behind the wall, there are a bunch of uncertainties and potential problems that you come across. You can try mounting it yourself with an assistant which will take you about 2 to 3 hours depending on your handy skills, tools necessary and situation or you can hire the professionals at Audio Video Today.  

One very important element to consider is that you will need a power outlet near by and the knowledge to fish the power wiring behind the wall to get the power to the TV. You may also need to fish the coax, ethernet, optical and HDMI cabling through the walls to the TV location.

Below are the 6 general steps necessary to mount a TV. Keep in mind that these 6 steps are based on the fact that your house is already pre-wired with the power outlet, cable TV and HDMI wires already set-up behind the wall in the exact place where the TV will be mounted. If these wires are not pre-wired and installed, it is highly recommendated that you give us a call at (949) 535-0555 and let the experts handle the job. 


If you decide to hire us, here are 4 questions we will ask you:

1. Where do you plan on hanging the TV?

2. What type and size TV do you plan to mount?

3. Do you have a TV picked out as well as the TV mount?

4. Are the power outlet, cable TV and HDMI wires pre-wired and positioned behind the area where you plan to hang the TV? If not, we will have to cut into the sheet-rock and fish wires behind the wall.


6 Steps To Mount a Flat Panel TV


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