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A Passion For Sonic Perfection

GoldenEar’s founders, Sandy Gross and Don Givogue, and their engineering team, including head of engineering Bob Johnston, have literally hundreds of years of combined experience and have created or helped to create many of the world’s best-sounding and best-selling loudspeakers. We have joined together again to build our finest speakers ever. We call our newest loudspeaker company GoldenEar Technology because, in our industry, a “golden ear” is someone who hears exceptionally well. Because we do, the industry and audiophile press have consistently praised us over the years for our “golden ears” and all the many loudspeaker accomplishments that our unique talents have helped us to achieve.


Goldenear Triton Tower Series Speakers


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Goldenear SuperCenter Speaker Series





Goldenear SuperSat Speakers






Goldenear SuperCinema Soundbars



 Goldenear Aon Speakers



  Goldenear Invisa Speakers







   Goldenear ForceField Speakers


   Goldenear SuperSub Speakers