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Control4 Smart Home

Control4 is the leading Smart Home System that will make your home the envy of the block. Imagine one unit that will control your entire home from a touch screen tablet or remotely from your smartphone. One touch of infinite possibilities where everything works together to create a more simple, convenient and enjoyable home. Imagine controlling your lighting, thermostat, shades, door locks, garage door, gates, sound system, TV's, entertainment system, surveillance cameras, fans, pool and much more. Give us a call  (949) 535-0555 to discuss how we can make your home Smart.

Touch Screen Table Top Units

Control4-T3-Series7-tabletop-touch-screen-black.png Control4-T3-Series7-tabletop-touch-screen-white.png Control4-T3-Series7-tabletop-touch-screen-red.png Control4-T3-Series10-tabletop-touch-screen-black.png Control4-T3-Series10-tabletop-touch-screen-white.png




Touch Screen In-Wall Units

Control4-T3-Series7-in-wall-touch-screen-black.png Control4-T3-Series7-in-wall-touch-screen-white.png Control4-T3-Series10-in-wall-touch-screen-black.png Control4-T3-Series10-in-wall-touch-screen-white.png Control4-in-wall-touch-screen-with-camera-black.png





Control4-ea1-controller-remote-system.png Control4-ea3-controller-remote-system.png Control4-ea5-controller-remote-system.png






If you are looking for the basics, this starter bundle from PakEdge is the simple choice. The RE-2 offers reliable routing while prioritizing multimedia traffic, and the sleek WK-1 wireless access point provides stable wireless connectivity that can be placed on walls, ceilings, or trim without being an eyesore. 


Networking Bundle Wireless

Looking for reliable, high-performance wireless? This bundle is what you want. Two WK-1 802.11ac wireless access points with 2x2 MIMO arrays provide the stability your customers need. The NK1-CP1 wireless controller will allow you to fine-tune the wireless environment, simplify deployment, and grant total control over your systems with the award-winning BakPak. 


For a network platform that will unleash your system performance, the advanced bundle provides all the essentials.